Have you ever thought about the idea that your feet may be appealing and even seductive? For the most part, unless you’re seeing someone who does, you probably don’t give much thought to the attractiveness of their feet. To begin with, may may find yourself feeling what your spouse wants you can do with your (sexy?) Feet unless you’ve would never have a foot fetish before.

When it comes to turning on someone who is interested in the feet, it doesn’t matter whether you are dating someone for the first time or have been dating them for a while. In order to draw in someone who’s captivated with feet, especially yours, here are some tips.

What Do You Need To Do Before Getting Involved In The Foot Fetish Game?

Learn about typical foot fetish practises to prevent seeming startled when your spouse tells you what they want to.

There is a vast variety of actions and aesthetic preferences associated with foot fetishism. When it comes to the sort of fetish play someone loves, Mistress Justine Cross believes that sanitation is the most important factor. According to the author, “clean feet and unclean feet” are the two primary subtypes of foot fetishism. In addition, whether you have large or little feet with high arches, or if your toes are long and thin or and the round small, you could have this inclination as well.

“This fetish has become so varied there are no established guidelines,” says one foot fetishist. Others appreciate their feet so do not wish to use them for sexual excitement, while others utilise them for that purpose. However, even if your spouse isn’t interested in applying lotion or oil on your toes when you’re dressed to the nines, he or she could love doing it while you’re naked or enjoying your pantyhose feet.

It is usual to stir on your lover by sniffing your feet or softly touching your soles. There are some people who love having their partners’ feet on thier faces, be it a mild face massage or a “trampling” (dominance) technique applied to their bodies. According to Cross’ case study of trampling, the need for obedience, humiliation, and physical domination may all be found in the obsession with feet.

You’ve been being constantly reminded of your partner’s preference for your feet, that he’s not admitted to it to you. The greatest method to find out is what makes someone run is to ask them a series of doubts and demonstrate that you are interested in finding out what it is that drives them.

The fact that your spouse may be reluctant to speak about your foot fetish after you’ve already expressed your interest in trying it out might be reasonable in new relationships even when you’re just actually get to know one other. When it comes to footfetish, your spouse may fear that it would turn you off or disgust you or make you believe that there was something wrong with him. Sex preferences that can be seen as strange or aberrant are generally kept secret.

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