Foot worshipping or other foot-related activities may be enjoyable for both of you if your partner likes the feeling of you feet on the genitals. Your feet may be used to massage their genitals, which is known as a “footjob” in the English-speaking world. As if you were mimicking the posture of your hands as you pray, you bend your feet inward. Then, with your hands clasped over their genitals, glide them back and forth as you’re praying.

Towels and water-based lubes are always a good idea while having sex with a partner. It’s not a place for people with greased feet because they’ll be ashamed. Wooden or tile floors might become slippery due to tough oil or grease residue on the carpet, resulting in foot lint.

Try inserting your toe during one of your partner’s sockets if you would like to wow them. Begin by using your fingers to explore the world around you first. Use a lot of lubrication, which will be enjoyable for you and your partner while also ensuring that you avoid any wounds or scratches throughout the process. Make sure your feet are clean if they wind up in another person’s body.

You’ll want to practise “The Pose” with a few nude photos that include your feet.

Your lovely feet may be used to show your spouse that you genuinely want to get them excited in this manner, whether you dwell with your foot-obsessed lover or are meeting somebody new. Your spouse may prefer a picture of your toes with your face in there and bright, warm lighting, but it’s OK to snap a shot of your toes from top down. Lighting, even in the shape of a ring, may make an enormous difference.

Personal preference, according to Arches: “I like to put myself in front of camera.” Your gorgeous feet benefit from the appearance that this was something you appreciate. “For them, it completes the image.”

A vast variety of alternatives are available to you from this point on. According to her, you may cross your legs, put it on top of both, or position them side by side. Try flexing you toes, curling the soles of you feet to produce lines, or turning both big toe up even if you’re placing your “thumb up” with them to add some diversity to your routine. In place of heels, wear slippers that display your toes’ minor divisions or what seems to be a “cleavage of the toes.”

Your butt may rest on the heels from his or her feet if seen from behind. Choose between being shown how wide you can stretch your toes of how you can squeeze them by glueing the soles of your shoes. Practising a few positions and angles can help you discover the ones that thrill your spouse the most.

What if you’re still undecided? “The posture” is a popular choice among foot fetishists, according to her. As a novice, “It’s the most accessible posture.” Take a deep breath in, then bend your knees and raise your feet above the ground while leaning forward. Because of this, you’re in an excellent position to display your face while having your feet teased by their side.”

Whatever you decide to do, your spouse will be thrilled too see you are putting out an effort! Aside from that, “position” is not a big deal at all, according to him. Always remember that images and videos are designed to be enjoyed rather than polished like foot-focused live action.

You should really not expect to know all there is to do about someone else’s fetish when you first become engaged in it. You may expect your companion to be happy (and perhaps even aroused) about it. Your interest in their obsession is motivated only by the desire to integrate it into you sex life. At all times, do your utmost and have fun.

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